Little Rock Marathon Medal Unveiled

I almost forgot that I hadn’t posted the unveiling of the Little Rock Marathon medal! It looks fantastic. I love the Grecian border and font on the thick gold ribbon. The addition of the spinner this year is amazing – It even convinced a friend to register at the last minute. It is, “Just as big as last years if not bigger.”

View the medal presentation on YouTube

The YouTube the video it pretty amusing – The parks and rec department in Little Rock seems straight out, well, the show Parks and Recreation. Very amateur and folksy…but passionate about their race.

Little Rock Marathon registration

If you want to register – Good luck! Half marathon is completely full now and only 20 spots left in the full marathon as of this morning. There is a marathon relay and 5k available as well.

Is Everything Bigger in Texas?

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The Texas Marathon in Kingwood, TX may be threatening to usurp Little Rock’s title as “Largest Marathon Finisher’s Medal in the World”.

This small race, held on January 1, 2011 had only 650 runners. They have long been known for giving out a really big medal (last year’s was 2.2lbs). But I have heard this year’s was nearly 3.5lbs and the largest in the world so far!

You can see the evolution of their medal over the years at

Little Rock – Don’t let this po-dunk Texas town take your title! This year’s Little Rock Marathon medal had better be the biggest.

Collect All Ten Thousand!

Bobby showed me this site the other day:

It is a site showing thousands of marathon medals from around the world. You can even search by state. There are some amazing ones out there.

Have to say, the St. Jude medal is kind of a snooze compared to some of the unique ones I saw. Though apparently in 2008 the St. Jude medal was a diamond – kinda cool!