Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10k

Bethany at the Coca-Cola 10k 2011
Me and my medal

Time again for the Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10k presented by…Pepsi! No wait, that doesn’t sound right…

The 30th annual Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10k was held in the small town of Corinth, Mississippi (population 14,000) on May 7th at 8:30am. Corinth is just 30 minutes from my hometown of Selmer, Tennessee. Bobby and I signed up again for this race back in March for the early registration price of $16 each. If you waited until the day of the race it would jump to $25.

So what did Bobby and I get for our mere $16?

  • Short sleeve tech shirt.
  • Great crowd and race support for a small town race (clocks almost every mile, water stops every mile, lots of people out cheering for such a rural area).
  • Nice medal (this year’s was even better than last’s).
  • Commemorative plastic “30th Annual Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10k” chip timer that you get to keep.
  • They use the chip timer to announce your name at the finish line (love it when they do that!).
  • So many different kinds of snacks and drinks at the finish line you you’d think they were feeding the whole town.
  • Massive amounts of freebies (shirts, koozies, lanyards, water bottles, etc) the Air Force and Coca-Cola throws out from the stage before awards.
  • Trophies 5 deep.
  • Cash prizes for those 25+ (backpacks for the kiddies).
Bobby at the Coca-Cola 10k
Bobby wins 1st in 25-29

Bobby finished at 39:53 (broke 40 for the first time) and 1st in his age group, winning $50 cash! I finished at 57:07 and 12th in my age group (much better than my time last year when I had to walk some!).

A few words of advice:

  • The course is a lot of rolling hills – very little flatness.
  • The first and last miles are of downtown Corinth with lovely old homes, but the rest is suburbia and country roads. Not bad to look at, but a little boring.

Dad and Bethany at the Coca-Cola 10k
Dad and I at the Coca-Cola 10k

Finally, no visit to Corinth is complete with a slugburger. If you get done with the race around an hour or less, walk over to Borroum’s Drug Store just blocks from the start and grab one or two for $1.25 each for an early lunch. You can eat and have plenty of time to walk back before awards start. The key is to get there before the race crowd comes in and there is no where to sit (that happened to us last year). Milkshakes and other delicious food is served there as well.

Bartlett Parks & Rec Valentine’s Day 5k & 10k

AKA, “The race I am totally bummed I am missing this year”.

The Bartlett Parks & Rec Valentine’s Day 5k & 10k was one of my favs last year. This year it is on Saturday, February 12, at 9am. For the cost of a normal race ($20/ea or $30/couple) you get a comfy sweatshirt, hot pizza afterwards, fleece blankets for overall prizes, toboggans for age group prizes and if you are a lady you get a red carnation when you cross the finish line! Now, that was last year, so they could change it up some this year.

There is some cool novelty too in that you can run with your sweetie in the Couples 10k Division. You both run the 10k and they will add your times together. Then they average your ages to see what age group you are.

Not a lot of folks ran this race last year – Good one to medal at. I’ve gotten my one and only award here: 2nd in my age group in the 5k at 29:07!

I’ll be missing it for the New Orleans Half Marathon. There’s always next year!