These hips DO lie

For your hilarity and enjoyment – The photo is me at the Winter Cross Country Series 8k on Sunday at the famous Stanky Creek crossing (courtesy of MRTC). Yes, I am always constantly screaming while I run. No, I am not completely insane.

Oh, SO…if you are thinking of trying to wear your water belt around your hips – Don’t. It is not going to work. With those water bottles filled the belt bounces 15 feet up in the air with each step. Very annoying. I didn’t even last 1 mile of my 16 mile run Saturday with it at the hips before I moved it up to my waist. BUT since I got a medium it is too big for my waist. Yeah…got to return another belt. My shipping department (Bobby) is starting to get grumpy

Also, the neon pink Go Belt arrived and only had 2 loops for Gu when it clearly said on the website, “NEW! Now with 4 loops!” Maybe I got an old one. The photos of the black one definitely show 4 loops – thinking I will return and get a black one. Or get something else. I need all 4 loops!