Bobby Meets Gold Medalist Dave Wottle

Bobby met the gold-medal winner of the 1972, 800 meter (2-laps, ½ mile) Olympic relay a couple of weeks ago at Breakaway Running!

He then found this video of the run on You Tube:

Dave Wottle is the one with the funny hat and the Russian runner (the favorite to win in the red shirt) is the one who eats it at the end.

I love how the announcer speculates Wottle is injured because he starts off in dead last, but he just keeps his pace and overtakes everyone at the end.

Bobby was telling his parents about meeting Wottle and they both remembered him and the 1972 Olympics well. Wottle was a superstar for beating the Russian at a time when such a thing was really important to America. That was a pretty notorious Olympics with the Israeli athletes getting murdered too.