St. Jude Marathon Gift Shop Goodies

The St. Jude Gift Shop has outdone themselves this year with a HUGE variety of St. Jude Memphis Marathon apparel and promotional products. Here is my detailed report:

Love the Brooks dri-fit “In Training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon” series of shirts for men & women. The half marathons (13.1) are short sleeve only and full marathons (26.2) are long sleeve only – I guess the half marathoners aren’t going to get cold?

The placement of the “26.2” and “13.1” on the lower back is really unique. I love the bright yellow color (your fans will be sure to spot you in the crowd) but it only comes in the women’s 13.1 – No fair! And the women’s 26.2 (white with a neon yellow imprint) looks very difficult to read – Bad choice there. Maybe the men’s 26.2 (red with a white imprint) in a small size will do for me.
I also love the Brooks dri-fit “Race Map” series of shirts (for men & women; long and short sleeve). If I get lost on course, I can just look down at my shirt! Hey, maybe it should have been printed upside down then? Yeah, that might have caused some confusion…

There are also some hoodie sweatshirts to warm up in post-race (It was so cold last year!) and a funny, “26.2 miles…seemed like a good idea 3 months ago!” long-sleeve t-shirt.

It is going to be a tough call whether to buy the “26.2” Brooks shirt or the “Race Map” Brooks shirt…We will see which one I choose!


Check out the awesomeness that is the Design-A-Wish 5k shirts this year. As someone who used to do logo work and do apparel design, these rock! You can get some cruddy shirts at some races, but I love the logo, placement and the modern/unique color choices for this one. Only wish it wasn’t on a white shirt (how many white t-shirts do we all have?), but I am sure white was what fit in the budget. Maybe next year do just a 2 color or 1 color imprint on a colored shirt?

Bobby got his FIRST EVER medal at the Design-A-Wish last year (1st place in the 25-29 age group with a time of 20:39), so he hopes to repeat it. It was the race that started it all (and why I had to buy him a trophy cabinet 3 months ago). I might have a chance at a medal too – we will see!

Hey Shorty, It’s Your Birthday…

The weather has gotten warmer and that can only mean one thing for ALL runners…My birthday. NO! New running shorts, of course!

Maybe your old shorts are too big (yay!) or too small (oh no! but that’s okay). Maybe the elastic has gotten stretched out or cracked over time. Maybe they’ve gotten rips or tears from shiggy trails. Maybe you need more because you only have 1 pair and let’s face it, your significant other is tired of washing them every other night. Or maybe you just want some new shorts in some stylish new colors!

I have a few commandments for my running shorts:

  1. Thou shalt have at least 1 pocket, even if the pocket is so small and narrow one could not fit a stick of Orbitz gum in it, let alone a single car key.
  2. Thou shalt please me greatly by having a larger, zippered pocket(s) that one can fit a key, ID, & perhaps some $$$ without falling out.
  3. Thou inseam shalt not be too short, likest a 1960’s mens basketball player or a moderne-day girls volleyball player (Note: Husbands may disagree with wives on that last one, but they aren’t the ones wearing them).
  4. Nor shall thine inseam be too long, likest a moderne-day basketball player, reaching past one’s knees.

Now I’ve just got to find some shorts that fit all these commandments…

PS: Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

St. Jude *HEARTS* Runners

Real Men Run for St. Jude Shirt
Love this shirt. Simple design, but really nice. Only regret is that it isn’t dri-fit. Bobby has a million cotton t-shirts and really doesn’t need another. I am serious – The stack of t-shirts is going to topple over and crush me one of these days.
Cost: $15
Buy it now!

Ladies Yellow Dri Fit Shirt
This ladies shirt has been in the store for awhile, but I’ve been eyeing it. About time I just bought it. Would be nice if it were offered in pink, though.
Cost: $18
Buy it now!

I *HEART* St. Jude Water Bottle
Cute new logo design that is also offered on several other new items as well!
Cost: $10
Buy it now!

More St. Jude Running Goodies

These new St. Jude items from the ALSAC gift shop are great for runners! (and other athletes as well, I suppose, haha)

You can always visit the gift shop in person Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Just tell the guard at the gate you are going to the gift shop – They’ll take a look at your driver’s license and write down your name, then give you a visitor’s parking pass for your car. It is inside the campus off of North Lauderdale – This map will help get you there.