St. Jude *HEARTS* Runners

Real Men Run for St. Jude Shirt
Love this shirt. Simple design, but really nice. Only regret is that it isn’t dri-fit. Bobby has a million cotton t-shirts and really doesn’t need another. I am serious – The stack of t-shirts is going to topple over and crush me one of these days.
Cost: $15
Buy it now!

Ladies Yellow Dri Fit Shirt
This ladies shirt has been in the store for awhile, but I’ve been eyeing it. About time I just bought it. Would be nice if it were offered in pink, though.
Cost: $18
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I *HEART* St. Jude Water Bottle
Cute new logo design that is also offered on several other new items as well!
Cost: $10
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More St. Jude Running Goodies

These new St. Jude items from the ALSAC gift shop are great for runners! (and other athletes as well, I suppose, haha)

You can always visit the gift shop in person Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Just tell the guard at the gate you are going to the gift shop – They’ll take a look at your driver’s license and write down your name, then give you a visitor’s parking pass for your car. It is inside the campus off of North Lauderdale – This map will help get you there.

Go Speed Trainer, Go!

Tuesday nights is Speed Training night. Some folks call it “Speed Workout” or Speed Practice” (MRTC calls it “Track House Workout”). I call it Speed Training because that’s what Bobby calls it – you’ll have to ask him where he heard the name from!

It is every 6:00pm at the University of Memphis “Old Field House Track”. If you are like me and didn’t go to U of M you would have absolutely no clue where that is (I don’t even know where the “New Field House Track” is, if it exists). Here is a map.

Paul Sax runs it and keeps it interesting. No Tuesday night is ever the same. Generally, it is short, fast laps around the track and then rest for a little bit. One thing to remember that I didn’t know offhand is that 1 lap = 1/4 of a mile – use that to help you pace. I am definitely a slowbutt at these things, so don’t feel bad if you are too.

Better than a book… an audio book.
I’ve listened to, enjoyed and am done with the “Born to Run” book by Christopher McDougall. The above link is where I bought the Audio Book on for $26.00 not including shipping.
It’s about ~$10.00 more than the book but you can listen to it while you make your morning and evening commute which is nice!

I hope your week has started well!
Bobby Gallagher

Congratulations to Team Barczak!

The Commercial Appeal just wrote this story about Team Barczak and their good deeds.

If you’ve ever ran an MRTC sponsored race (most in the city are), then you most likely grabbed a cup of water or were handed a finish line card from a member of the Barczak family.

In fact, MRTC honored them with the Frank Horton Award for exceptional contributions as volunteers at the last annual awards banquet. Woo-Hoo!

Daffodil Dash – Results!

Results from the Daffodil Dash 3-Miler are up!
Male and Female

Had a blast at the dash! My nice Shelby, her friend Kayla, my sister and mom got up extremely early and traveled hours to come to the race. Shelby and Kayla ran it with Bobby and I. Shelby got 2nd in her age group and Kayla got 3rd in hers.

Then at the starting line I ran into Keshia! I ran with her for about the first 1/2 mile of the race, but she was too fast for me. She received 2nd in her age group.

I finished at 27:08!!! Even though it wasn’t quite a full 5k, it was close and was a much faster time than my last 5k PR – 29:07. I got 6th in my age group.

After I met up with Bobby (who got 2nd in his age group), he said he’d spotted Ashley coming around the garden. She had came to the race too (though she’d gotten a late start)!

Inside I saw Deepika, my coworker. This was her first 5k, and I was glad she made it out.

Inside I also saw Stefan, who received 1st in his age group and was the only one I personally knew to bring home the coveted Daffodils (everyone else just got some other random yellow flowers in a vase – still pretty though).

PS: Here is how Bobby ran the race, as told by his Garmin Forerunner

Daffodil Dash 3-Miler – This Saturday!

What’s that little yellow flower popping out everywhere? Time for the Daffodil Dash! Bobby and I are signed up for this race. My niece and her friend are driving into Memphis to run it and a coworker of mine is walking it. Now lets just hope the forecasted rain is just a little sprinkle.

The Daffodil Dash 3-Miler and 1 Mile Family Fun Run is this Saturday at 10am at the Memphis Botanical Gardens.

Registration opens at 8:00am Saturday.
Cost is now $25

Children under 12 for Family Fun Run: $10

$1 discount to MBG & MRTC members!

Pictures from last year (A little rain, but beautiful!)

Prepare by checking out the 3 Mile Course Route

1 mile to 13.2

Just the other day I realized it has been nearly a decade since I started running!

When Bobby and I met in the Fall of 2000 at UT Martin, he had been on Houston High School’s track and cross-country team. I was a couch potato who didn’t even own a single item of athletic clothing.

So he invited me to run with him around Pacer Pond one night. I though I would die! I’m not sure how far we ran…probably not even a mile? 1/2 mile? 400 yards? It was BAD.

But I got better and worked my way up to regularly running a mile several times a week, though almost never outside (just on the treadmill).

I stuck with the “Mile Only” rule all throughout college until we moved to Memphis. Then in spring of 2006 I ran my first 5k (3.1 miles) with Bobby and David Spratlin at Shelby Farms on the Chickasaw Trail in preparation for the Youth Villages 5k. Again – thought I would die!

Then Bobby and I started doing more 5ks on the weekends. I started running 3.1 miles regularly on the treadmill instead of just a mile. Bobby did the 2009 Memphis Runners Track Club Road Runner Series and the 2009 St. Jude Marathon.

Then we both signed up for MRTC’s 2010 Winter Cross Country Series, which would end in a 10k (6.2 miles) – Eeep! So I started joining him on his Monday night Fleet Feet runs, Tuesday night Speed Training and Thursday night Breakaway runs (and those Saturday Hash Runs helped too). So when that 10k rolled around, I had a great time!

And now here I am, nearly 10 years later, preparing for my first half marathon (13.2 miles). The Germantown Half Marathon is Sunday, March 21 @ 7:30. My 18 year-old self would have never imagined myself doing this. Excited and nervous? You bet!