Hey Shorty, It’s Your Birthday…

The weather has gotten warmer and that can only mean one thing for ALL runners…My birthday. NO! New running shorts, of course!

Maybe your old shorts are too big (yay!) or too small (oh no! but that’s okay). Maybe the elastic has gotten stretched out or cracked over time. Maybe they’ve gotten rips or tears from shiggy trails. Maybe you need more because you only have 1 pair and let’s face it, your significant other is tired of washing them every other night. Or maybe you just want some new shorts in some stylish new colors!

I have a few commandments for my running shorts:

  1. Thou shalt have at least 1 pocket, even if the pocket is so small and narrow one could not fit a stick of Orbitz gum in it, let alone a single car key.
  2. Thou shalt please me greatly by having a larger, zippered pocket(s) that one can fit a key, ID, & perhaps some $$$ without falling out.
  3. Thou inseam shalt not be too short, likest a 1960’s mens basketball player or a moderne-day girls volleyball player (Note: Husbands may disagree with wives on that last one, but they aren’t the ones wearing them).
  4. Nor shall thine inseam be too long, likest a moderne-day basketball player, reaching past one’s knees.

Now I’ve just got to find some shorts that fit all these commandments…

PS: Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Youth Villages 5k – Have YOU signed up yet?

Have you signed up the Youth Villages 5k yet? It’s only the 5k that started it all (for me) and is one of the best in Memphis!

You say you haven’t signed up yet?! Then consider joining team Keller Williams Memphis East and helping us reach our goal for the kids of Youth Villages. Realtor Carrie McCaskill Smith is our team captain (the Youth Villages 5k is sponsored by the Memphis Area Association of Realtors).

The race is in East Memphis, starting at the Ridgeway Center and going through some nice neighborhoods. It is a big race with lots of hot dogs, chips, beer and a band afterward.


  • Walker/Runner = $18
  • MRTC Walker/Runner = $17
  • Child/Student Walker/Runner = $13
  • Spirit Runner = $15

This will be my 3rd year in the Youth Villages 5k!

Bunny Run – Results

You couldn’t have had better weather for the Bunny Run this Saturday!

Bobby and I got there a little later than we would have liked. Went to get our shirts. Again, hate to complain, but…out of adult smalls…again. Haha, second race in a row. We are really going to have to start picking up our packets the day before if it is an option or getting there super early. Or please, race directors, order more smalls – Obviously it is an issue. But worked out pretty well because the youth large fit nicely.

I ran the shirts back to the truck. No race numbers at this race, which surprised me because there were a tons of folks there – over 700! Tried to find Ashley at the start, but too crowded.

During the first mile on Perkins a guy passed me who looked familiar from the back. “That guy kinda looks like Brett!” I thought, “Nah, his hair is way too long”. I’d find out it was him when I got to the finish line – Doh!

I was going pretty fast for me – the same pace as the Daffodil Dash 3 miler, at which I’d done really well (but didn’t could as a PR since it was only 3 miles). After reaching mile 2 I was getting tired. I’d stayed up late the night before and my stomach felt a little blergh. I was on Southern, just before mile 3, and I considered walking. I was facing the sun, had forgotten my sunglasses and just didn’t feel that great. I was almost at the end, but I hadn’t seen that “Mile 3” sign yet. Then I saw Bobby walking back from the finish line and cheering me on. “I can’t start walking now!” I thought. I knew I was close too if Bobby was walking back. Shortly I saw the 3 mile sign and was able to pick up the pace just a little bit. I finished at 26:59, beating my old 5k PR of 29:07 by leaps and bounds.

Saw James and Brett at the finish line (Keshia had to work that day). Ashley finished shortly thereafter with a new PR herself – yay! We walked over and ate these amazing things that looked like corn dogs, except had a sausage in the middle instead called “Pancake-On-A-Stick”. The Bunny Run had the best breakfast food ever at a race and is now in the running for best food at a race.

Winners were announced and Bobby got 2nd in his age group with a time of 20:13! Nathan got 3rd in his age group with 20:49!

A great race, great fun, great food and great friends.

Hop…Like a Bunny!

Bobby and I are signed up for the Bunny Run 5k this Saturday, April 3 at 9am.

At the Daffodil Dash we saw folks with flower petal headbands – who will we see with bunny ears?

Location: Around Audubon Park. Starting line at Oak Court Drive and Southern Avenue (park in Oak Court Mall parking lot).

Format: 5-kilometer run/walk around Audubon Park. Runners begin at 9:00 a.m. Walkers start immediately afterward. 1 mile Family Fun Run after race starts.


  • $10 – All Children age 10 and under (including children with special needs)
  • $18 – MRTC members (Pre-Registration ONLY)
  • $20 – Pre-Registration for Non-MRTC members
  • $23 – Race Day Registration (all runners or registrants)

A great family event including children’s games, face painting, Easter egg hunt, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and great food and prizes – Fun for the whole family, so bring the kiddies!

The Germantown Half Marathon – Times & Pics!

Here are the official results of the Germantown Half Marathon.

I came in at 2:21:40, under my 2:30 limit. (But what really mattered to me was no walking) AND I talked to Keshia and she happened to talk to the fellow who did the timing. Seems a few half-marathoners times were inadvertently increased by 5 minutes because they started with the 5k runners. So my time might have been 5 minutes better! I’m happy either way.

A couple more photos of me. Funny, I don’t remember running through a floating banner with the word “Proof” on it at the end of the race…Hmmm…

Bobby came in at 1:37:45 and 7th in his age group (25-29). Woo-hoo!

A couple more photos of Bobby. Looks like there some “Proof” shaped clouds following him around too! Must have been that Thai food.

Danny Gallagher came in at 1:55:26 – Third in his age group (15-19) and winner of a sweet crystal trophy. Awesome job for this guy’s first half-marathon!

Bobby Meets Gold Medalist Dave Wottle

Bobby met the gold-medal winner of the 1972, 800 meter (2-laps, ½ mile) Olympic relay a couple of weeks ago at Breakaway Running!

He then found this video of the run on You Tube:

Dave Wottle is the one with the funny hat and the Russian runner (the favorite to win in the red shirt) is the one who eats it at the end.

I love how the announcer speculates Wottle is injured because he starts off in dead last, but he just keeps his pace and overtakes everyone at the end.

Bobby was telling his parents about meeting Wottle and they both remembered him and the 1972 Olympics well. Wottle was a superstar for beating the Russian at a time when such a thing was really important to America. That was a pretty notorious Olympics with the Israeli athletes getting murdered too.

The Germantown Half Marathon – Bethany

My first half marathon ever was Sunday, March 21 @ 7:30am and what a half marathon it was!

Friday the weather forecasts were calling for thunderstorms Sunday – NOoooo! But by Saturday that had changed to just cold rain – Well, that’s better I guess. We ate the traditional pre-run spicy Thai food (HA!) at Bangkok Alley Saturday night to celebrate our friend Morgan’s 25th birthday. We stayed out a little bit later than we wanted, but it was worth seeing everyone.

Saturday I woke myself up at 4am, fearing I was oversleeping – Arrrgh! Got back to sleep, but woke up again at 5am – Grrr! Then finally slept and woke up properly at 6am. Had my clothes and shoes laid out the night before. Applied some Band-Aid Blister Block (this stuff is GOLD!) to my arches, big toes and other areas. Brought chapstick, 2 Band-Aids and tissue (which I would later realize would be stupid) in my pocket. Ate some oatmeal and drank some orange juice. Put on my trusty pink baseball hat (perfect for rain – thank goodness I wore it!)

We met Bobby’s brother Danny at 7:00am at the Germantown Municipal Park gazebo (they couldn’t think of the name of it and called it a podium – Whaaaat? Boys…) By that point we could tell it was going to be a cold and rainy day. I decided then that I would run in my cotton hoodie and that I’d just tie around my waist if I got warm.

We hung out in the Germantown Great Hall for a bit. We met up with Keshia. Then we all decided to use the restroom one last time. The boys got in and out in 5.2 seconds. Keshia and I were in line for a good 10 minutes (note to the Germantown Great Hall: You need more woman’s bathrooms!), and I am pretty sure Keshia and I missed the Half Marathon start and started with the 5k folks. But no problems.

Follow the race on this map

The first 6 miles went by fast for me. Saw Mike (father-in-law) at around the 5 mile point. Then we headed into the Houston High School and Houston Levee park (where I worked my 2nd summer as a day camp counselor). Saw the folks from Breakaway, Janice (mother-in-law) and Keshia’s husband James. About this time I started to get a little HUNGRY. I’d never gotten hungry at a race before, ever.

Mile 8 was when the muscles around my knees started to ache a bit. But at least it wasn’t a sharp joint knee pain, which I’ve had before too – that is worse. And I started to get HUNGRIER. Keshia had some Jelly Belly Energy Beans and I asked for a few. Those suckers are good – I’m definitely going to get some next time. Around this point they offered some Gatorade for the first time, so I snatched that up too. Mile 7-8 was also about when we came out of the park and started coming back down Farmington/Wolf River. So now the chilling wind was coming right at us in our faces.

Mile 9 was when we took a turn in to Cameron Brown Park, where Bobby and I worked together my first year as a day camp counselor.

Mile 10 I started to get some aches around my hip muscles – Boo! But the knee aches were going away (worked themselves out). Most importantly, I STILL had not gotten a blister, even with sopping wet shoes (see the wonderful Band-Aid Blister Block above). To me, blisters are the worst. So as long as I didn’t get one, I could keep going a long time (even if it is a slow pace).

Mile 11 I started to slow down a bit. I was getting hungrier (dreaming about all the food I would eat when I was done) and hips still hurt some. I told Keshia to go on. I was tempted to walk near the end, but it was only 2 miles! That was nothing compared to how far I’d come. Proud to say I kept running (a slow run near the end!) and crossed the finish line at 2 hours, 21 minutes and 40 seconds, quite a bit under my 2 hour & 30 minute goal. As I crossed, I surprised myself by getting a little close to crying – I was SO happy. Not happy it was over, but just proud of myself and caught up in the moment – they were even announcing people’s names as they crossed like the St. Jude Marathon.

Bobby, Danny and Janice met me right away. Dan gave me a banana and Bobby gave me some awesome chicken chili. Then we spotted Keshia and James. We all sat down and devoured our food. I looked in my pocket and found the completely soaked band-aids and tissue – glad I didn’t need them (could you imagine me trying to blow my nose in that downpour?).

It was a great day and a great race.