Navy Nautical 10 Miler

Keshia and I at Nautical Mile 2

I had not trained past 6 miles for the Navy Nautical 10 miler (over 11 civilian miles), and I’d heard more than enough tales of the vicious heat from last year by friends.

So imagine my joy when Keshia said she would be running the race too at a nice and easy pace – Yay! I had such a fun time. The race started at 7:00 (an hour earlier) which cooled things down from last year, I bet. ¬†We went at a 10-11 minute pace then first half. When we realized we were having fun and weren’t going to die of heatstroke, we stepped it up to a 9-10 minute pace for the rest.

Race Favorites:

  • Great goody bag, tech shirt and “10 NM” decal
  • Herd of horses that ran with us at NM 3
  • Themed water stations (pirates,¬†Hawaiian, etc)!
  • Spooky military bunkers at NM 4
  • Enthusiastic¬†volunteers with water guns and water balloons
  • Shower at NM 6
  • Beer provided by MH3 friends at NM 9
  • Ice cold towels at the finish
  • Post race party with a wide variety of food
  • Bobby winning 3rd in his age group

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  1. Hey you! It’s been a while since I visited…boy, has this place changed. I love what you’ve done with the place. Nice layout, easy to read.

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