Bunny Run 5k

I griped about the Bunny Run 5k for Special Kids and Families last year for running out of small t-shirts. This year they made up for it by even having ladies sized t-shirts available! Bobby and I even got there a little late and they still had a shirt for me (they did run out of larges, but that is the first or second time ever for Bobby).

I do worry about the Bunny Run getting taken advantage of – They don’t use chips or even bibs. I understand not using chips to save money, but by not using bibs people could easily bandit the race. Bobby and I just hopped out of cars and got on the start line – No indication that we had actually paid to run in this race.

The Bunny Run did not fail in their delicious breakfast. While not quite as good as last year’s pancake and sausage on a stick, Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits were offered and they were good! Food ran out for before some of the walkers finished, unfortunately.

There were some fast runners out at this race (Perhaps home on Easter break?). There were 705 runners in this race (Youth Villages had over 750 finishers). With a time of 25:04 I only got 9th place compared to 4th at Youth Villages.

Bobby and I both liked the medals better than last year’s tiles, but our friend Nathan enjoyed the colorful tiles. I never know what to do with tile awards: use them as coasters? You can’t hang them up on your medal rack (Bobby) or bureau (me) like medals, so they tend to take up space.

The funniest thing about the medals was Nathan got second in his age group, or rather I should say “SECOUND” according to his medal. This stresses the importance of spell check! Luckily, Bobby’s first place age group medal did NOT say “FRIST”. Not sure about third though…