Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day 2011

Ever thought about riding your bike to work? The perfect day to try it out is Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20th.

Energizer stations will be placed in four spots throughout Downtown, Midtown and East Memphis. Be sure to register on the Bike to Work website so that you can claim your goodie bags at the stations. The Bike to Work Google Map shows the best route to follow.

There will be prizes for the workplaces with the most employees riding to work that day and a special prize for the cyclist who travels the farthest that day. (Do we have anyone riding from Oakland to Downtown? You’re a shoe-in!)

Bobby has been scheming of riding to work for awhile, but he has some hurdles:

  • It will be far (East Memphis to Frayser)
  • He will have to ride his bike alone through Frayser

If you look at the Bike to Work Google Map, he is thinking of following the Eastgate Route and then splitting off in Midtown and taking McLean into Frayser.