A Greenline Across the River?

The Greater Memphis Greenline announced that it wants to turn 2 unused roadways on the Harahan Bridge into pedestrian and bike paths.

The Harahan is a Union Pacific railroad bridge built in 1916. At the time, there was no bridge dedicated to auto or horse-carriage transport across the river (in fact, there was only 1 bridge going across the river, the 1892 Frisco railroad bridge), so 2 single roadway lanes on either side of the bridge were added. The wood planks that made up these lanes were pulled up in the 50’s when the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge (The I-55 or “Old Bridge”) was built solely for automobile traffic. But, the metal beams that held these planks are still there, waiting for new wood, asphalt or whatever is going to be used.

The Greater Memphis Greenline says they will only build back the north lane, which will lead into the Downtown Bluffs and onto Riverside Drive. There are many grants available that will cover the majority of the cost and they hope to have everything started and finished in a few years.

More historical information on the bridge: www.harahanbridge.com/Main/HarahanBridge

What the bridge looks like today (very interesting!):www.stevecox.com/harahan