Is it bad…

Is is bad that I bought brand new shirt specifically to wear for the race a month ago…and then replaced it just Wednesday when Bobby and I went on a taper madness shopping spree? But, THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME SHIRT EVER! It is a gorgeous shade of purple with a metallic gold nike logo (not that I’m all about brands, but it is shiny), long, the softest thing ever, and (the best part) has extra long sleeves with these little thumb slits for your…thumbs! Only problem is it hasn’t been field tested like my other shirt. It could burst into flames at mile 5 – who knows?
PS: I also bought new dri-fit, super soft, running-specific gloves. They have tiny pockets for a car key or whatever else tiny thing you could fit in there (Exactly one Sport Bean, perhaps?).

Is is bad that I have had my entire marathon outfit laid out on the guest bed since Wednesday night?

Is it bad I had a nightmare/dream about the race last night? I was running in the marathon with my girls (even Keshia was there, who isn’t actually running in the marathon). We were doing great and having fun. We were running through buildings and up staircases and were thinking, “Hmmm, this is a strange marathon course”. We were at mile 8 when Bobby appeared and said, “Listen, I’ve been done for awhile, and I’m bored and ready to go home, so let’s leave”. And then he grabbed my hand and made me leave without finishing! I was reaching out to the girls as they ran away on the course saying, “Noooooo!”. LOL – It was so ridiculous.
I think I had that dream due to my great fear of not being able to find my friends in the pace group marathon morning and having to run the entire race by myself – That would not be fun. I’ve had to run Road Race Series races by myself before because I got there late so it is not that crazy!

Is it bad that not long a ago (6 months?) the idea of an 8 mile run would have filled me with worry and dread. Yet last Saturday I found myself saying, “Yay, just an easy, short 8 mile run today!”. And it was an easy, short 8 mile run. My world has turned upside down.

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  1. Hey Bethany, so funny about the dream…I want that shirt…seen it the other day at Dick's…the purple gold Nike…good luck tomorrow and everyone will be checking your blog so let us all know!

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