The McMillan Running Calculator

Yet another way to calculate your expected finish time in a marathon – or any running event for that matter. The McMillan Running Calculator (WARNING: there is a video w/sound that auto-plays on the page – turn those speakers down) has got a lot more bells and whistles than the pace calculator mentioned in previous posts.

You type in a previous time from a multitude of different races, from 100m dash to marathon (for best results type in the race time closest to the one you are looking for). Click “Calculate”. On the next page the McMillan Running Calculator gives you so many estimates your tiny racer’s brain will explode with knowledge! Not only are you given estimates of how you’ll do (or SHOULD be doing) in various races, but also how fast you should be going in speed work.

I’ve shown my results when I put in my recent 1/2 Marathon PR from last Sunday of 2 hours, 13 minutes and 59 seconds (click the image for a bigger version). You’ll notice that the calculator is smart and doesn’t just take your pace and multiply it by the distance ran – It understands if you are running farther you are going to run slower.

For speedwork it says my 400s are over 2 minutes – I actually keep them under 2 minutes (it is one of my goals). For 5ks it says 28:59 – That is about my range, though I have done them quicker. For the marathon is says 4:42:34 – That was what I was planning on! I am going to get into the 4:45 pace group. I hope I break 5 hours!