St. Jude Marathon Gift Shop Goodies

The St. Jude Gift Shop has outdone themselves this year with a HUGE variety of St. Jude Memphis Marathon apparel and promotional products. Here is my detailed report:

Love the Brooks dri-fit “In Training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon” series of shirts for men & women. The half marathons (13.1) are short sleeve only and full marathons (26.2) are long sleeve only – I guess the half marathoners aren’t going to get cold?

The placement of the “26.2” and “13.1” on the lower back is really unique. I love the bright yellow color (your fans will be sure to spot you in the crowd) but it only comes in the women’s 13.1 – No fair! And the women’s 26.2 (white with a neon yellow imprint) looks very difficult to read – Bad choice there. Maybe the men’s 26.2 (red with a white imprint) in a small size will do for me.
I also love the Brooks dri-fit “Race Map” series of shirts (for men & women; long and short sleeve). If I get lost on course, I can just look down at my shirt! Hey, maybe it should have been printed upside down then? Yeah, that might have caused some confusion…

There are also some hoodie sweatshirts to warm up in post-race (It was so cold last year!) and a funny, “26.2 miles…seemed like a good idea 3 months ago!” long-sleeve t-shirt.

It is going to be a tough call whether to buy the “26.2” Brooks shirt or the “Race Map” Brooks shirt…We will see which one I choose!