Das Boot

Walking boot

Walking boot

I went to a doc at Campbell Clinic Friday before last. They did 3 xrays of my foot and…no fracture! Nothing, nada. Not even a little.So after poking and proding my foot she decided that, “Maybe it was on its way to becoming a stress fracture” and suggested I not run for a month. Oh, and wear this giant boot all day long. WHAT?!

Needless to say I thought the boot was a little overkill. In fact, as I was being fitted for it I heard a nurse say, “When you come into this office you’re either leaving with a cast or a boot”. So I think she was just playing it safe. I showed it to Bobby and he asked me several times, “How much did you have to pay for that?!”. I had to keep telling him nothing.

So I haven’t wore the boot at all. But I HAVE wore only tennis shoes and I haven’t run at all. I’ve done some stationary biking. It was a really good workout and I think I’ll keep it up even after I start running again as cross training.

Last night was the first time I tried running in 2 weeks. Didn’t hurt it all on the top of my foot during. Was a tiny sore the next day. I’m going to keep running; gradually work back into it. I’m going to go back to my old Adidas shoes for one thing…I have a theory my newer, 2-month old ASICS pair may have been the problem all along. I’ll let you know if that theory turns out correct! *fingers crossed*