Big Trouble in a Little Foot

“I’ve had some soreness in the top of my right foot (thinking my laces might have been too tight) but hoping that goes away soon.”
Hmmmm, yeah that is what I posted last week. After that I ran the Road Race Series 10k (6 miles). Before I started the race my foot was just the tiniest bit sore from a 3 mile Hash run/jog/walk Saturday. After I started it started to ache more until mile 2 the pain finally faded away. I thought for sure my time would be terrible, but surprised myself taking 3 minutes off my last PR and running it in 1 hour and 32 seconds!
But walking around after the race was no fun – foot was swollen and hurt much more. And then Monday it still hurt. I haven’t ran since Sunday. I’ve made an appointment with a foot specialist at the Campbell Clinic…and we’ll see what she says.
Keep your fingers crossed for a quick recovery! (and knock on some wood)