Physical element only gets you so far. Can you win the mental battle?

Sunday again… but it’s different now. No Sunday blues just anticipation of the morning routine the biggest challenge, the mental battle w/ the snooze button & I’m up to late again.

My little brother taught me something today. Right before we begin to perspire a weird itchiness comes into play through every pour that is about to sweat. During speed training last Tuesday I experienced this heavily couldn’t figure it out! I thought it was a reaction to the pollen or some poision ivy acting up; poor assumptions. The sweat itch makes a heck of a lot of sense though! The sweat poor starts to warm up the same area where the nerve and hair follicle is located. Dan said that dehydration exasperated this, wouldn’t doubt it.

While grilling up some dinner and appreciating the spring weather my mind wandered to the soccer game that was coming up. I’ve never been a follower of any sports I root for whatever team is home but don’t really commit to the game. I’ve realized that my lack of enthusiasm for these games is reflected in my performance. Aggression is learned through committing your heart to these games. Example when Memphis lost the final four, I don’t even like writing about it, because of the reaction it gets to those who watched it & were committed! An angry response, a lecture about where the error was, a total change in the mood of conversation that may not be reversed, for example if you where to swear in front of your mother… it’s interesting.

I think this is where that winning aggression comes from… the opponent you face and your success or failure determines weather you enjoy the rest of your night. If you fail or hesitate your entire night is ruined, and if “it’s worth fighting for it’s worth fighting dirty for.” “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.”Love those quotes the epitome of learned aggression. You gotta push as far & hard as you can/allowed. If I were to base the outcome of every game on the emotional attitude of my friends and family it would mean a lot more than just winning.

Meh… I just like running. But I’ll work on it. Speaking of just running I realized today that running could be considered the reward of many sports! Best example; baseball good hit you get to run, second soccer…. good game everyone runs! Basketball is a similar answer the best games will have everyone running. Which brings me to this end thought; running isn’t the means to get to the end reward; it is the end reward.

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  1. Keeping with the Meh theme, I hate running. The only thing I love about it is when I stop…and the heart benefits.

    Ok, it does feel good to raise a sweaty lather after staring at my puhtooter all day. So, I guess I don't hate it, I just don't like it very much.

    Minor threadjack, but in keeping with the Mental Battle subject…Do you guys know anything about the Nike + iPod app? Working out on a treadmill is ponderous to say the least and I'm hoping a little Soundgarden/Audioslave/RATM will make the time go by a little easier.

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