Have no fear – Its time to cheer!

This Friday Bobby and I will take off work and go to Nashville for the Country Music Marathon!

Bobby has been preparing by running farther distances, while I’ve been preparing by researching cheering methods for the race. This a HUGE task and no doubt much more difficult than what Bobby will be doing Saturday (warning: sarcasm detected).

Through my own running exploits, as well as my St. Jude Marathon cheering and some online research I’ve done (see below), I believe I’ve narrowed down what I’ll do on Saturday.

What to do:

  • Name cheers (if you know their name or they put it on their shirt)
  • Runner-specific cheers: “Go UT!” if they have a Vols shirt. “I love your hat!” if they have a crazy hat. People ate this up at St. Jude, especially when we told ladies we liked their clothing.
  • “Keep going!”
  • “You can do it!” (Rob Shnider voice optional)
  • Make noise. I’m going to bring my hash whistle.
  • Make a sign.
  • Be silly & funny.

What NOT to do:

  • “You’re almost there!” Whoops, didn’t know this was bad. I’ve done it before.
  • “You’re doing great/You look great” Didn’t realize this was bad either – I’ve said it.
  • Cheer out race numbers. “Way to go #47586!” – No one ever memorizes their race number.

The way I figure it, the goal is to cheer up, entertain and distract the runners so that the race goes by faster for them. They’ll be so busy looking at everyone on the sidelines, before they know it the race is over!

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