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  1. As your favorite older brother, I must pull rank. All future racing couture must include bunny ears, a Groucho moustache, and possibly a carrot. You too Bobby.

    All joking aside, how do you handle the stress on your knees? Mine have just been killing me lately. I realize we're not in the same weight class, but do you have any suggestions for recovery?

  2. Hey, I least I have a goofy looking face in that photo even if I don't have goofy apparel. You don't even want to see the close up they took – Even goofier!
    Hmmm, for knee pain: I found that I got it when I increased speed or distance too fast, or if I didn't run at all for a week and then tried to run 6 miles. So far my knee pain has been ONLY while running and was sharp, sudden pain, like a karate chop, Hi-Ya! When I stopped running or slowed down it quit. Not sure if yours is the same?
    Bobby's dad, who is a bigger guy, is a runner and has had some bad knee pain and even considered surgery. I think his was the worse you could get though – A torn meniscus. But I think you'll know if you have that.
    Ways to prevent the pain besides going gradual are stretching before and after: http://www.active.com/running/Articles/Take_care_of_your_legs__five_basic_stretches_for_runners.htm
    Bobby says worn down shoes will make all your knees hurt and Strength training the muscles around your knees will help too: http://www.active.com/running/Articles/Strength_training_for_runners.htm
    If you already have the pain after running, ice is always good.
    This page has some all-around good tips for knees: http://www.active.com/running/Articles/Battling_runner_s_knee__Get_back_on_track_with_these_measures.htm

  3. Good info! I've got good shoes, they're only a few months old (Xmas Gift!!!). I've been doing a lot of work at a 10° incline which I think is causing the problem. Dee got me some Menthacin. It seemed to relieve it, though it may have been masked by the overwhelming burning sensation generated by the goo :).

    Thanks for the info…I'm off to fill up the ice pack!

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