The Germantown Half Marathon – Times & Pics!

Here are the official results of the Germantown Half Marathon.

I came in at 2:21:40, under my 2:30 limit. (But what really mattered to me was no walking) AND I talked to Keshia and she happened to talk to the fellow who did the timing. Seems a few half-marathoners times were inadvertently increased by 5 minutes because they started with the 5k runners. So my time might have been 5 minutes better! I’m happy either way.

A couple more photos of me. Funny, I don’t remember running through a floating banner with the word “Proof” on it at the end of the race…Hmmm…

Bobby came in at 1:37:45 and 7th in his age group (25-29). Woo-hoo!

A couple more photos of Bobby. Looks like there some “Proof” shaped clouds following him around too! Must have been that Thai food.

Danny Gallagher came in at 1:55:26 – Third in his age group (15-19) and winner of a sweet crystal trophy. Awesome job for this guy’s first half-marathon!