Daffodil Dash – Results!

Results from the Daffodil Dash 3-Miler are up!
Male and Female

Had a blast at the dash! My nice Shelby, her friend Kayla, my sister and mom got up extremely early and traveled hours to come to the race. Shelby and Kayla ran it with Bobby and I. Shelby got 2nd in her age group and Kayla got 3rd in hers.

Then at the starting line I ran into Keshia! I ran with her for about the first 1/2 mile of the race, but she was too fast for me. She received 2nd in her age group.

I finished at 27:08!!! Even though it wasn’t quite a full 5k, it was close and was a much faster time than my last 5k PR – 29:07. I got 6th in my age group.

After I met up with Bobby (who got 2nd in his age group), he said he’d spotted Ashley coming around the garden. She had came to the race too (though she’d gotten a late start)!

Inside I saw Deepika, my coworker. This was her first 5k, and I was glad she made it out.

Inside I also saw Stefan, who received 1st in his age group and was the only one I personally knew to bring home the coveted Daffodils (everyone else just got some other random yellow flowers in a vase – still pretty though).

PS: Here is how Bobby ran the race, as told by his Garmin Forerunner